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Elopement Package

Spruce Mountain Ranch is pleased to announce that we have a new on-site wedding package! For the couples looking for a quiet, simple affair, our Elopement Package is a wonderful option!

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“Timing is Everything” Wedding Timelines at Spruce Mountain Ranch

The common saying that “timing is everything” is never as true as it is on your wedding day, one of the most significant days of all. Because of the important role that timing events correctly plays on this special day, we asked Sarah Viera, one of Spruce Mountain Ranch’s favorite wedding planners, to offer some advice to brides about planning their timeline specifically for the ranch.

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From a Florist’s Perspective: Floral Décor at Spruce Mountain Ranch

We at Spruce Mountain Ranch love to see our venue decorated with beautiful flowers. Different floral arrangements have the power to change the way that a space looks and to change the look of a wedding— we love that! Because flowers add so much to the décor of a wedding, we have asked two of our favorite florists to answer a few questions for the special “florist’s edition” of our wedding blog!

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Meet the Managers 2015

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, there is a property manager present at every event that takes place, whether it be a wedding, prom, or corporate event. They help the event in a variety of ways: they manage the vendors; make sure that the property, people, and animals (Spruce Mountain cattle) are secure; and they ensure that things run as smoothly as possible.

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Top 10 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

The ceremony has ended, the cake has been cut, and the guests have danced the night away. It is now the magical part of the evening where the bride and groom are sent off to their new life as a married couple by the people who love them the most. The question is: how are they sent off?

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Wedding Trends of 2015:

With the new wedding season in 2015 come new trends for the year. We at Spruce Mountain Ranch have asked a few of our favorite wedding planners to share what they anticipate the most popular wedding elements for this year will be. We have interviewed Nicole Cruse from Ashley Nicole Events, Kerri Butler from A Touch of Bliss, and Casey Muller from Pink Diamond Events, and they have been kind enough to share their thoughts with us!

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Spruce Mountain Proposal Stories: Part 3

We at Spruce Mountain Ranch are kicking off the New Year of 2015 the right way—with our 3rd and final edition of our “Spruce Mountain Ranch Proposal Stories Blog.” We know that you’ll enjoy these final heartwarming stories as much as we did!

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Spruce Mountain Proposal Stories: Part 2

After reading the first issue of “Spruce Mountain Proposal Stories,” we know you can’t wait to read the next part of these sweet, romantic stories! Without further ado, we give you “Part 2.”

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Spruce Mountain Ranch Proposal Stories: ~Part 1~

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we love hearing all the stories of romantic proposals behind the beautiful weddings we host! To celebrate the biggest engagement season of the year and to encourage those who are waiting for someone to “pop” the question, we asked our happy couples to send us submissions of their proposal stories. We received so many wonderful submissions that we will be doing a three-part “Spruce Mountain Ranch Proposal Stories” series! We at Spruce Mountain hope that you enjoy reading these heart-warming love stories as much as we did!

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