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On Top of the Trends

At the end of each event season, Spruce Mountain takes a look back to determine how we can be better for our clients and the hardworking vendors that visit our property.  We strive to be the best at what we do, by supporting our clients that best way we know how.  We believe in order to live and work by high standards; you can never be satisfied and must be consistently seeking out ways to be even better than the year before.  This involves paying attention, listening to our customers, and keeping on top of the trends.   So, what are the venue trends Spruce Mountain has delivered on, to meet the needs of our clients?

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Perfectly Toasted:A Guide to Giving a Wonderful Wedding Toast

As a member of the wedding party, you are honored to be a part of this special day. Someone very dear to you has found the person they want to walk down the road of life with, and that’s a beautiful thing. In honor of the celebration, you want to do everything within your power to make the occasion memorable: buying a special gift, writing a sweet card of congratulations, and soon. One thing about your role as a member of the bridal party frightens you, though. Public speaking has never been your strong point, and now you are obligated to give a toast to the happy couple commemorating their new life together— how do you do it? We at Spruce Mountain Ranch have provided some helpful advice on how to give the perfect wedding toast that will please the crowd and honor the newlyweds.

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Guestiquette Blog

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we want everyone who visits our beautiful property to feel right at home. In order to make wedding guests feel at ease from the moment they enter the front gate, we have written a special “guestiquette” version of our blog, which includes advice on how to prepare for a fun event at the ranch.

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Elopement Package

Spruce Mountain Ranch is pleased to announce that we have a new on-site wedding package! For the couples looking for a quiet, simple affair, our Elopement Package is a wonderful option!

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From a Florist’s Perspective: Floral Décor at Spruce Mountain Ranch

We at Spruce Mountain Ranch love to see our venue decorated with beautiful flowers. Different floral arrangements have the power to change the way that a space looks and to change the look of a wedding— we love that! Because flowers add so much to the décor of a wedding, we have asked two of our favorite florists to answer a few questions for the special “florist’s edition” of our wedding blog!

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Top 10 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

The ceremony has ended, the cake has been cut, and the guests have danced the night away. It is now the magical part of the evening where the bride and groom are sent off to their new life as a married couple by the people who love them the most. The question is: how are they sent off?

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Spruce Mountain Ranch Proposal Stories: ~Part 1~

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we love hearing all the stories of romantic proposals behind the beautiful weddings we host! To celebrate the biggest engagement season of the year and to encourage those who are waiting for someone to “pop” the question, we asked our happy couples to send us submissions of their proposal stories. We received so many wonderful submissions that we will be doing a three-part “Spruce Mountain Ranch Proposal Stories” series! We at Spruce Mountain hope that you enjoy reading these heart-warming love stories as much as we did!

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