Spruce Mountian Ranch

On Top of the Trends

At the end of each event season, Spruce Mountain takes a look back to determine how we can be better for our clients and the hardworking vendors that visit our property.  We strive to be the best at what we do, by supporting our clients the best way we know how.  We believe in order to live and work by high standards; you can never be satisfied and must be consistently seeking out ways to be even better than the year before.  This involves paying attention, listening to our customers, and keeping on top of the trends.  
So, what are the venue trends Spruce Mountain has delivered on, to meet the needs of our clients?

Couples are searching for a venue that has a beautiful back-drop and gorgeous surroundings.  Luckily for Spruce Mountain we are naturally located in the most scenic valley of Douglas County.  Soft rolling-meadows, water features, and mountain views fill the 450 acre property, in addition to the immaculately kept and manicured lawns and gardens.  What you will not find in your view are multiple weddings.  We offer 225 acres of exclusive use of the property.  Your invited guests will be the only people celebrating with you, on this most intimate occasion.

Customization is another trend couples seek out to find in their venue.  Long gone are the days of the all-inclusive wedding factory.  Brides and grooms want a wedding that represents who they are as a couple. They do not want to be forced into the same cookie-cutter style as the couple that was married the night before them.   From the beginning, Spruce Mountain has respected a couple’s vision by offering them choice.  We believe in allowing our clients to have freedom and flexibility in planning.  We encourage our couple’s to share with us their dream wedding, and do all we can to help Spruce Mountain fit within their parameters, not the other way around.  

Another popular topic of discussion that is trending amongst couples when selecting their venue is the bar.  Couples want a venue that can accommodate custom-open bars, which are stacked with signature/ premium drinks, good professional service, and at a reasonable cost.   Spruce Mountain has met this popular demand!  Spruce Mountain has elected not to have a liquor license.  This does not mean you do not get the most spectacular bar, this just means you will have a spectacular bar, at a much lower cost, than you would at a venue that has a liquor license, and significantly marks up the cost.  At Spruce Mountain we have given the servicing of our bars to the award winning Peak Beverage.  Peak Beverage is a company totally dedicated to creating customized bar packages to meet our client’s needs, and saving them thousands of dollars in the process!  

The use of indoor outdoor space.  The majority of our clients are looking at ways for their guests to enjoy the stunning Colorado weather.  Whether it is a winter wonderland wedding, capturing the autumnal colors of the fall, or enjoying the cool nights of our pristine glowing summers, couples are embracing the outdoors.  Every venue at Spruce Mountain is creatively engineered for indoor/outdoor capabilities.  Massive doors on one-side of our reception spaces open up to courtyards lit with stunning market lights.  The grounds are purposely landscaped to draw people out into our gorgeous green lawns to enjoy the wildflowers, or to see the sunset over our 3 well-groomed ponds.   Wood burning and gas fireplaces are also located throughout the reception areas, so guests can warm up in the brisker days of winter or in the cool evenings of the summer.  Indoor/ outdoor is our specialty!

Spruce Mountain captures, collects, and publishes many photos and videos of our spaces and recent weddings, because we know another trend couples are partaking in, is doing their research.  We know the average couple spends 2-3 weeks vetting and touring venues.  A venue search can be very time consuming.  We want to make this process as easy as possible, by providing as many helpful tools and photos as possible, to determine if we are a good fit.  From social media outlets, photographer blogs, and our own website gallery, we welcome you to check us out!  Then, schedule a tour.  We are here to serve you 7-days a week.  Come see it for yourself.  You have to see it to believe it.

Spruce Mountain will continue to do the work and deliver.  We believe in customer service; service from the heart is our motto.  We care about you, and what you want.  We are so grateful for every wedding and event that passes through our gates, and will continue to stay on top of the trends just for you!