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How to Plan a Colorado Destination Wedding

If you’re looking for a beautiful destination for your wedding, Colorado may be the perfect place. With stunning mountain ranges and chic rustic venues, this state has so much to offer. Here’s everything to consider when planning a Colorado destination wedding.

1. Watch for the Tourist Seasons

Every big city or tourist attraction has a busy season. It’s whenever visitors get the most enjoyment out of a region, like going to the beach during summer instead of winter. Colorado has numerous locations perfect for weddings. Research potential destinations to find when people visit them most often.

Scheduling your wedding around tourist seasons will save you time and money. Getting married during an off-season means there’s less demand, so you’ll pay less to book a venue. Given that Colorado tourism grew by 25% in 2022, you could compete with more couples for venues than usual.

2. Browse Potential Venues

Choosing the right venue is key in planning the wedding of your dreams. Take advantage of Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes by finding a venue surrounded by natural beauty. A venue like Spruce Mountain is the perfect location for a rustic yet elegant mountain wedding.

Once you book your venue, you can find hotels nearby, as well as other attractions to see while you’re in the area.

3. Ensure Your Guests’ Entertainment

Your loved ones are excited to see you get married and celebrate the start of your new life with your partner. They’re also likely wondering how they’ll pass the time between their arrival, your ceremony and their departure.

While you’re busy coordinating last-minute details, your guests could explore near their hotel to experience classic Colorado fun. They might love riding a gondola 13,000 feet in the air above Breckenridge or seeing artifacts and fossils in the University of Colorado’s Natural History Museum. Skiing and outdoor sports are also popular in Colorado and perfect for adventurous guests. Consider adding some suggestions to your wedding website so your guests can plan their activities in advance.

4. Prepare for the Weather

If you’re planning a Colorado destination wedding, be sure to check the weather forecast. The average annual temperature in Colorado is 43 degrees Fahrenheit, which may be colder than where you live. If you choose a venue in the mountains, the temperature will dip with elevation.

Pack cold weather essentials, like a shawl to wear over your wedding dress, and advise your guests to do so, too. However, don’t shy away from a Colorado wedding just because of the weather. Even during the winter, your wedding venue can protect you from the weather with firepits, snow removal and beautiful indoor spaces.

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5. Consider Alternate Methods of Transportation

Whether you’re one of the many couples  planning a multiday wedding event or an elopement, your transportation options will make the day easier or more challenging for everyone who attends. Your guests might not make it in time if they think they can only fly to your destination and a snowstorm occurs.

When it’s time to send your invitations, indicate the potential transportation methods everyone can use. Colorado has 2,342 square miles of passenger railroads, which might be close to your venue. You could suggest the exact trains available for your guests so they have an alternative travel option that might be easier due to their location or the expected weather patterns.

6. Get Your Paperwork in Order

Couples must file paperwork to get legally married in any location. Ensure you learn how Colorado’s marriage license process works to complete it at least a few weeks before your big day.

You’ll need to complete an online application and attend an in-person meeting with valid identification paperwork for you and your partner. The processing could take a few weeks, so schedule this appointment within the two months before your wedding. You must bring the unsigned certificate to your venue and get the necessary signatures after your ceremony.

7. Compare Colorado Wedding Photographers

You could hire a photographer to fly to your wedding, but they often charge clients for airline tickets and hotel rooms. You’ll save money by hiring a local photographer instead. Search for options and compare their portfolios to see what kind of work they produce. You’ll likely pay the average $2,000 price tag for their services, so ensure you like their photography style and find great reviews from their former clients.

8. Indulge in Local Food Trends

Every region has its own foodie culture. Have fun exploring what people eat and drink around your venue. You could find specific types of barbecue or dessert traditions you’ll want to incorporate into your Colorado wedding. Depending on the location, you could also discover more options with resources like food trucks, breweries or family-owned catering companies. Local food trends create new possibilities for couples planning weddings away from home.

Create the Ultimate Colorado Destination Wedding

Colorado is a gorgeous place to host your wedding. No matter which location you choose, planning will be much easier with these tips. Give yourself time to explore every option and discuss things with your partner. You’ll figure out the best arrangements for your big day while enjoying every second leading up to it.

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Author bio: Cora Gold is a wedding writer and editor of Revivalist magazine. She aims to inspire couples to achieve the wedding of their dreams. Connect with Cora on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.