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12 Exciting Wedding Trends for 2024

While some wedding traditions are timeless, each new year brings in new and exciting wedding trends. There are countless ways to make your wedding special and unique. If you’re looking for some wedding inspiration to redefine your experience, dive into the top 12 wedding trends for 2024.

1. Vibrant Colors

While neutrals and pastels have been popular in past years, in 2024, it’s all about experimenting with bright color. Whether you go with a maximalist color scheme or stick with one or two fun pops of color, choosing a bright shade can make your ceremony and reception stand out.

Feel free to mix and match colors on bridesmaid dresses instead of just choosing one. Channel your inner princess with a Barbie-inspired wedding with bright shades of pink, or select a few jewel tones for a regal vibe. 2024 is all about having fun, so don’t be shy with your color scheme.

2. Dramatic Ceilings 

To go along with the statement colors, weddings in 2024 will also play with statement ceilings. Think mesmerizing chandeliers, fairy lighting displays, vintage lamps and extravagant draping. It’s all about going above and beyond.

Explore adding floral installations and string lights to add a romantic ambiance to your reception area. There’s nothing quite Instagram-worthy as free-flowing blooms and bright bulbs overhead as you share your first dance with your spouse on your wedding day.

3. Weekender Weddings

Weddings in 2024 aren’t just a day of celebration. They’re multi-day affairs for nonstop fun.

Consider hosting a wedding weekend to make it more unique and memorable for your guests. Most couples say their big day goes by quickly. A longer celebration extends the fun with your family and friends.

Additionally, having a wedding weekend allows guests to meet new people and indulge in new experiences. It gives you and your partner plenty of time to include everyone in hobbies and activities you enjoy as a couple.

4. Thursday Weddings

Thursday weddings are growing in popularity as an alternative to the typical Friday or Saturday ceremonies. Over the past few years, many couples have been shifting to weekday weddings, partly due to needing to reschedule during the pandemic.

There are many benefits to Thursday weddings, including:

Affordability. Weekend wedding dates have a higher demand, so vendors often offer lower rates for weekdays.

Thursdays are the new Fridays! Many people work remotely and don’t go into the office on Fridays, so Thursdays are when the weekend really begins.

More time to recover. With your ceremony on Thursday, you guests can enjoy a long weekend, whether for rest or travel, before heading back to work. You can invite them to a Friday morning brunch, then allow them to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

5. Winter Wonderland Weddings

While spring and summer are usually the most popular wedding seasons, don’t underestimate the beauty of a winter wedding. Winter ceremonies are perfect for couples who want to do something unique, especially if you have friends or family getting married over the summer.

Winter is the perfect season for a fairytale wedding, as snowy winter landscapes create breathtaking backdrops for photos. Depending on your location, your guests can also take advantage of winter activities, like skiing or snowboarding, while they’re in town.

Additionally, winter weddings offer more availability, as your dream wedding vendors are more likely to be booked during the summer. They are often more affordable during the winter, as well.

6. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Celebrations

Next year, more couples will embrace conscious choices that extend to wedding decor. You’ll witness sustainable and eco-friendly elements, such as potted plants, biodegradable confetti, and vegan or vegetarian menus.

When it comes to clothing, opt to support ethical designers who ensure fair conditions for their workers and source fabrics from suppliers who support the same cause. You can also buy a secondhand reception outfit or repurpose your mother’s wedding dress for a sustainable twist.

7. Little White Dress

Enter the era of the mini gown. A little white dress is the perfect reception or after-party outfit, allowing you to dance the night away freely.

Look for a dress with creative hemlines ranging from modern mini styles to knee-length cuts embellished with lace or intricate beading.

8. Secret Cocktail Menu 

Your wedding should make you and your guests feel happy. Inject a little mystery into your big day — leave everyone guessing with a secret drink menu. You can ask your bartender to whip up something unique or ask them to create a personalized cocktail that includes you and your partner’s favorite flavors.

Some fun ways to execute this include putting a hidden note on your invitation or asking your closest friends to order it and share it with others.

9. Drone Photography 

The use of drones will become more popular than ever in 2024. This type of photography is a gorgeous way to show off your wedding venue. Some shots are also best captured by a drone, such as a kiss in front of a picturesque mountain.

If you plan an outdoor wedding, you’ll benefit significantly from drone photography. Without the risk of hitting ceilings, you can enjoy a unique perspective that is impossible to see from ground level.

10. Couple Time Before Wedding 

Traditionally, the first time couples see one another is when the bride walks down the aisle. However, many break traditions by spending quality time before the wedding. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast with your partner and enjoy each other’s company before the big moment.

Plan a first look or touch a few minutes before the ceremony. Meet in a quiet place and set eyes on each other for the first time — just the two of you and your photographer — and savor a heartfelt moment before tying the knot.

11. Private Vows

Some wedding moments are best shared only with your partner. Take exchanging private vows as an example. All it takes is a quiet place, you and your partner, and your photographer to capture the moment.

You and your future spouse can do this before the wedding or after the main event, where the officiant can let guests know you’re exchanging vows privately.

12. Audio Guestbook

A stylish audio guestbook is a fun and sentimental way to preserve memories of your special day. It captures the heartfelt messages of your loved ones you can look back on someday.

The guest will pick up the receiver, listen to the prerecorded greeting of you and your partner, and wait for the beep before leaving their message.

Ready to Plan Your Wedding?

This list of wedding trends can help inspire you in planning for your big day. Remember to stay true to your vision. After all, it’s your authenticity and creativity that will make your wedding truly unique.

Author bio: Cora Gold is a wedding writer and editor of Revivalist magazine. She aims to inspire couples to achieve the wedding of their dreams. Connect with Cora on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.