Spruce Mountian Ranch

Guest FAQ


Do you offer onsite accommodations?

We do not offer overnight accommodations at Spruce Mountain Ranch.

Do you have hotel recommendations?

There are several hotels we recommend listed on our accommodations page on our website and mobile app. More than often, wedding couples will have prearranged room blocks for their guests at local hotels.

Do the hotels you recommend offer transportation to and from the ranch?

Yes. We work with several hotels that not only offer discounted rates, but also provide a special hotel package that includes round-trip transportation to and from Spruce Mountain. Check with your host/ hostess to see if they have a room block arranged that includes transportation.

The Bar & Marijuana

Is smoking tobacco or marijuana allowed on Spruce Mountain property?

Smoking, tobacco, marijuana, or other substance is prohibited inside any of Spruce Mountain buildings, Smoking of tobacco is ONLY allowed outside in areas where proper butt and ash receptacles are provided. Marijuana, in any form, is strictly prohibited in any and all areas on the Spruce Mountain property. Be advised that marijuana brought onto the premises will be confiscated.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No. If your host/ hostess have decided to serve alcohol, an open bar will be provided through a licensed vendor. Be advised that alcohol brought onto the premises will be confiscated.

Do I need to bring my ID?

Yes. We card all guests under the age 40.


Does Uber or Lyft provide transportation to and from Spruce Mountain Ranch?

Uber and Lyft have limited service in our area. To ensure reliable transportation, we suggest pre-booking your rides prior to attending your event.

Upon Arrival

The property is so large, how will I know where to go once I arrive?

After you pass through the grand gates, stay to the right of the island and pay attention to the chalkboard signs that will direct you to the appropriate venue/ event (Upper Ranch-Ponderosa, or Lower Ranch-Albert’s Lodge).

What time should I plan on arriving?

Aim to arrive on the property 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. This will allow for enough time to park, use the restroom, and find a seat.

What address should I plug into my GPS?

Spruce Mountain’s physical address is: 14771 Spruce Mountain Rd. Larkspur, CO.

Visiting the Ranch

Can I visit the property prior to the wedding?

Spruce Mountain is a privately owned property with gated access. Walk-in visits are not allowed at any time.

Where will we park while attending a wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch?

We have designated parking areas for guests, within close proximity of our venues.

Can I leave my vehicle on property after the conclusion of the event?

No. Vehicles are not allowed to be left on the property after the conclusion of the event. Vehicles left on the property after the conclusion of an event, will be towed at the owner’s expense.

What is the altitude at Spruce Mountain Ranch?

We are at 7,300 ft. We suggest guests who are visiting from lower altitudes to drink a lot of water. Be aware that consuming alcohol can also affect you differently at higher altitudes.

What should I wear?

While you will be on a working cattle ranch, our venues are beautifully landscaped with paved outdoor areas. Attire varies at the ranch from casual to black-tie. We recommend contacting your host/hostess on what attire is most appropriate for their wedding. We do suggest sensible footwear at our Mountainside and Trey’s Vista ceremony sites.

What is the weather like at Spruce Mountain Ranch, and should I plan on being outdoors?

Colorado weather is beautiful, but can be unpredictable. We suggest guests always be prepared for any type of weather while visiting the ranch. While attending a Spruce Mountain wedding, plan on spending a portion of your time outdoors. In the summer months, bring a light sweater or jacket for the evening. Sunblock, sunglasses, umbrellas are also smart to have on hand. If you have allergies to grass, hay, dust, pollens, livestock, etc. you may want to bring medication to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

Is there cell service available at Spruce Mountain?

Cell service is limited. However, we do have free, reliable Wi-Fi that you are welcome to use.

Can we pet the cows?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone access to our pastures. Our mama cows are very protective of their young, and by nature will charge if they feel threatened. Startling the cattle can cause them injury. More importantly, we do not want our guests to get injured.