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Tips on Writing your Thank You Cards-Showing Your Gratitude

Some of you have celebrate with us and have already returned from honeymoon and some of you may be preparing for your upcoming big day. Either way, thank you cards are something we are sure you've thought about and we wanted to make sure you had all of the information you needed to ensure it isn't a daunting task after you wedding day.  It can seem outdated to send a handwritten thank-you card, but it is a must when it comes to thanking your guests for being a part of your special day. Below we are shared all of our tips on proper wedding thank-you card etiquette.


When to send wedding thank you cards?

It can be overwhelming trying to find time to send your thank-you notes after your wedding. According to Brides magazine, "a window of one to two months is proper and provides ample time to ensure they are ordered, written, addressed, signed, sealed and delivered without leaving couples feeling overwhelmed."

We suggest tackling a few thank-you cards each day. If you write a few cards each day, you will feel less stressed, and be able to put more thought into each card.

Wedding registries now give your guests the option to send a present to your house before your wedding, make sure to track these and send a thank-you note within a week or two of the arrival of the gift. Writing these thank-you cards before the wedding will leave you feeling less overwhelmed when you get home from your honeymoon.


Don't write your thank you cards alone.

Make sure that you and your partner are both involved in writing, signing, sealing and delivering your cards. After all, your guests purchased gifts, traveled, spent their time and money to see you both get married, and it is essential that you both take the time to thank them.



It can seem completely overwhelming and tedious to mention each gift you received or to mention specific memories you shared with your guests, but your guest will appreciate your attention to detail in their thank you card.


Stay organized

Keeping organized is vital. Make sure when you open cards or gifts after the wedding that you write everything down! Most wedding registries give you the capability of tracking the gifts you received, and if you sent out a thank-you card or not. Take advantage of these tools!


We suggest sending thank you cards to:

  • Anyone who has purchased a gift
  • All who attended the wedding
  • Vendors
  • The officiant
  • Your attendants
  • Your parents or wedding hosts
  • Your venue
  • All who attended showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties or anyone else who hosts an event for you.


What type of stationery should you use?

If your wedding invitations are custom made then, we suggest having your invitation designer include a thank-you card in your invitation suite. Adding thank-you notes into your wedding suite will give you a cohesive look across all of your stationery. If you decide to do your wedding invitations through a website like Minted, they will often have thank-you notes that match your invitations (WEDVENSPRUCEMOUNTAIN will provide 35% off save the dates + 25% off all wedding and party stationery). If your wedding guest list is of significant size, we suggest picking up a few boxes of thank-yous from a store like Target. It is essential to have these on hand when you receive gifts before the wedding. Buying a few boxes of thank-you cards is also an inexpensive option, as ordering custom thank-yous for hundreds of people can become expensive.


Your wedding guests shared one of the most important days of your entire life with you, so we believe it is important to thank them properly. We hope that you find these tips on wedding thank you card etiquette helpful. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at info@sprucemountainevents.com.