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Summer Wedding Trends

Summer wedding season is finally here. We love that every new season brings new ideas and trends. Below are our favorite trends that will be hitting the wedding scene this summer.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

No More Hashtags

This is quickly becoming a huge trend. Previously, couples opted to have their guests share photos on social media with their specific wedding hashtag. This allows for everyone to see the photos from that night in one place. This is very convenient, but now couples are skipping the hashtag in an effort to get their guests to be in the moment. Encourage your guests to put down their phone and enjoy the night with you with a cute sign like the one pictured above.



Photo Credit: Rent The Runway

More than just Tux Rentals

Do you have endless bridesmaids dresses in the back of your closet? Well this is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Companies like Rent the Runway are allowing bridesmaids to rent their outfits rather than having them purchase an expensive dress they can only where once. Your bridesmaids will truly thank you for this one.



Photo Credit: InStyle

Upcycling Your Flowers

This is one of our favorite trends. As you know, flowers are very costly for something that you will only see one night. Why not have your flowers collected at the end of the night and assign someone to take them to a hospital or cancer treatment center? The patients will love getting a beautiful arrangement and you will get way more than just a day’s use out of your flowers -  you will get joy by knowing you helped lift a sick patients spirits.


Photo Credit: Figle Wicz Photography

Eco-Friendly Favors

If you are looking for a beautiful eco-friendly favor to give your guests use small potted flowers or herbs. How cute is the display in the photo above? Your guests will get to enjoy planting the favor you gave them and thinking back to your wedding.


Photo Credit: Deer Circus Photography

Relaxed Style

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding the chance that it will be warm outside are pretty good, so let your groomsmen relax a bit and ditch their tie. We love how classy, yet casual the groomsmen above look. Just make sure you run this one by the bride before you rent your suits.


Photo Credit: Brooklyn Bride

More Color

Vibrant colors will be all over weddings this summer. You can incorporate them into your wedding by choosing beautiful bright colors on your wedding invitations, or by picking gorgeous pinks and purples for your flowers.


Photo Credit: Sheer Luxe


If you are a lover of rosé you will love this trend. Instead of serving a margarita, switch it out for a Frosé (frozen rosé). Your guests will love this refreshing drink. Plus, it will help keep them cool in the hot summer months.


We hope that these trends help inspire your perfect summer wedding. We would love the opportunity to help you incorporate these summer wedding trends into your Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding. You can contact us at info@sprucemountainevents.com, if you have any questions about incorporating these trends into your wedding at our venue.