Spruce Mountian Ranch

Spruce Mountain’s New Innovative App!

Spruce Mountain’s New Innovative App!

For our couples, guests, and planners



At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we have a word of the year. This year our word is “INNOVATION!” We take pride in making sure we are implementing the most innovative technology throughout our entire business. This means that we use the most advanced technology to manage our daily operations and grounds. It also means that we try to provide the most up to date technology for our couples or future couples who are interested in booking Spruce Mountain. This is why we are so excited to announce our Spruce Mountain Mobile App. Our app gives couples the ability to have access to any information about wedding planning they need at their fingertips.

We built the app with our couples, planners, and guests in mind. We envision our app to not only be a communication tool for Spruce Mountain and the couple, but to also be a communication tool between the couple and their planner. If you are having an event at our venue, you are not required to use our app, but we believe it would be a great guide and tool to use during your planning process.

We would love for you to take a minute to download our app now. This blog post will help guide you through the application. On our home screen, which is pictured above, you will see that our app is divided into four different sections: “Welcome to Spruce Mountain”, “For Our Couples”, “For Our guests”, and “The Spruce Album.” Below you will find a description of each section.


Welcome to Spruce Mountain

This is the first page on our app. The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of Spruce Mountain. This is a great page to help give prospective Spruce Mountain couples further details about our venue. On this page, couples can take a virtual tour, which is a great way to see our grounds if you are unable to visit in person. It is also a great tool to look back on if you forget the layout of a particular area of the ranch. This page is not only a great tool for couples, but it is also extremely useful for wedding planners and guests. If you are a wedding planner, we encourage you to share this tool with your couples. The other areas of this specific page are the gallery, option to schedule a tour, and our welcome packet. The gallery is separated by our Upper and Lower Ranch. In each of these sections, you will find five photos of each room. This gallery is a great way to see how some of the top wedding decor trends look in our space. If you love what you see after you take the virtual tour and look through our gallery, you can schedule an in person tour of Spruce Mountain on this same page. The last area of this page is the welcome packet. This is a great resource for couples who would like to receive all their information digitally. It is also a quick way for couples and planners to quickly reference our rates.


For Our Couples

This page serves as a collaborative tool for our couples, their planners, and vendors. On this page couples are able to make their own unique login, or use an existing Facebook/Google account. Each couple is able to customize their profile by adding a photo, event title, event date, and recommended calendar reminder. Once you set up your profile you will automatically see a wedding countdown each time you login. The great thing about this profile is that it can be shared. For example, if you create the profile you can share it with your fiancé. If you are the planner you can create a profile for your couple and share it with them. Within your profile you will be able to add custom calendar dates, for example, meetings with your vendor or a dress fitting. As we mentioned above we have also added a few recommended calendar reminders. These recommended dates are meant to serve as a prompt to help keep you on track during your planning. An example of one of the questions is “Have you booked your caterer?” Another great tool within this section is the Inspiration Board. This is a great tool for clients to share ideas with their planners. Another area of the couple’s page is the guest list. Couples or planners will be able to create their guest list by adding individual contact information. Once you have created the guest list you can easily generate a PDF or CSV file to use on other programs like AllSeated, which is a seating chart tool. The next feature on this page is the Day of Timeline. In this feature couples or planners can create a working timeline of the day of. The great thing about this tool is that it instantly updates, so if you are in a meeting with your planner and either of you makes a change to the timeline you will be able to see it instantly. Other tools that couples have access to on this page are the “Our Vendor List”, “Our Wedding Docs”, “Schedule a Walk-Through”, “Create a Room Diagram”, “Purchase Wedding Insurance”, and “Make a Payment”. One aspect of this page that makes planning so easy for couples is that they can store all of their wedding information in one place, which can be accessed at the touch of a button.


For Our Guests

We want all of our guests to have as much information about our venue as they need. That is why we took great time to go through our guest page and provide any information that someone visiting Spruce Mountain requires. This page is a great tool to point your guests to. They will be able to find the following information on this page: directions to Spruce Mountain, a property map, frequently asked questions, hotel accommodations, things to do in Denver, and things to do in Colorado Springs. We highly suggest that couples share this information with their guests. One great way to share this information with them, would be to send out an email letting your them know about the app, what information they can find on the app, and how they can download it.


The Spruce Album

The last page on our app is called “The Spruce Album”, which is a live stream photo sharing gallery for any Spruce Mountain event. Couples can create a unique Album ID on this page and share it with their guests. The guest will be able to log in with that ID and upload or take photos within the album. This is a great way for the all of your wedding photos that guests take throughout the night to be seen in one place. It eliminates the need for someone to hashtag a photo to make sure it’s seen. The album is also interactive, so guests can love a photo or download it.


Overall, our app is a great tool for our couples, planners, and guests. We would love for you to download the app if you haven’t already. If you have any further questions about the app or feedback we would love to hear it. You can email us at info@sprucemountainevents.com. We hope this innovative tool helps ease your wedding planning!