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Peak Beverage - The Wedding Bar of your Dreams

Just when we thought Peak Beverage couldn’t get any better, they do! Not only does Peak provide you with excellence in their bar catering service, but they also provide you with tons of options to customize your bar and get the exact wines and beers you and your guests want. They also offer an incredible selection of cocktails! Be sure to talk with your representative at Peak about adding on a special cocktail just for your big day. Check out some of the exciting new things that Peak has available.

You can’t go wrong with any of Peak Beverage’s cocktails, but you definitely need to see this new list! These specialty cocktails can be an add-on to any of your bar packages and we would say to go for it! Maybe one of the classics could appeal to both of you if you want to choose just one, but wouldn’t it be fun to have one that represents you and one that represents your partner? Maybe you love a good Old Fashioned and your partner loves Manhattans or maybe you both like more contemporary classics such as a Cosmopolitan or Moscow Mule. Whatever your tastes, Peak can make your favorite cocktails stand out and taste delicious for all your guests to enjoy!

Not only do they have this refreshed list of specialty cocktails, but now they also have an incredible list of seasonal cocktails to choose from! If serving one of each of your favorites doesn’t appeal to you, check these out. The best part about these cocktails, is that they are available all year long! Treat your guests to the best flavors of any season at any time. Colorado is the perfect place to serve something warm and boozy to your guests like Peak’s Chairlift Warmer and believe us, they will appreciate it. Or make it tart and tasty like their Palisade Smash if the weather is warm! Whatever your style, Peak will make your guests ooh and ahh over these tasty treats.

The last incredible announcement is that Peak has beautiful new bars you can add to your packages! Although they didn’t have a sneak peak of these beauties, we know they are going to be phenomenal.

Finally, as your wedding draws closer, be on the lookout for an invitation from your Peak representative for one of their incredible tastings! These invitation-only events are not something you want to miss. Peak tastings are the PERFECT place to plan out your entire bar selection and get all your questions answered about each of the different alcohols and drinks. You’ll also get to try samples of these specialty cocktails, food from some of their catering partners (many of whom are our catering partners as well), and they’ll even provide you with wine tasting sheets to take notes.

Did we say we love Peak? Well, we definitely do and these new and improved 2021 and 2022 offerings for our couples make us love them even more! Call your client representative and ask to see the new and improved list of specialty cocktails, seasonal cocktails, and new bars. You won’t regret adding any of these things to your wedding, but you may regret it if you don’t! Happy Planning!

Peak Beverage


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