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Engagement Stories - Dan & Elizabeth

One of our favorite things to hear about is how our couples met, fell in love, and got engaged. This not only allows us to get to know them better, but we also get to see the culmination of that story on their wedding day which makes each wedding even more unique and special. This week we wanted to share Elizabeth and Dan’s story that Elizabeth so graciously shared with us. Congratulations to these two love birds who are going to be topping off 10 years of friendship with a wedding at our Ranch in June!

Dan and Elizabeth met about 10 years ago in Northern Wisconsin at her parents’ lake house. It makes it all the sweeter and whatever you believe in, whether it be a “God Thing,” fate, or just really good luck, to know that this was a very remote little town too. Not only that, but he’s from Chicago and she lived in Colorado and was only there for 10 days. Their mutual friends introduced them and they became instant friends. For those 10 days, they spent tons of time together water skiing, boating, and just hanging out, even though he was technically supposed to have left only a few days after she arrived, but had extended his trip. (We have a feeling he already knew something special was taking place) They remained friends and kept in contact after that first Summer vacation.

Fast forward a little bit and Dan was transferring colleges and would be attending the very same college that Elizabeth’s sister attended in Durango, Colorado. Coincidence again? We don’t believe so. Durango is also one of Elizabeth’s family’s favorite vacation spots which insured that they would see each other at least a few times a year to reconnect. Again, they continued their friendship with each other for years until he moved to Denver a few years later. That was when they finally started dating. Last July, Dan proposed at the exact spot they met almost 10 years before and Elizabeth happily accepted. Since that very first day, that has been one of their favorite places and now it’s even more dear to their hearts as the place they met and now the place that she answered him, “Yes!”

Stay tuned for more sweet and sappy engagement stories to come! If you are getting married at Spruce Mountain, or got married at Spruce Mountain Ranch and would like to contribute your engagement story, we’d love to share it! Go ahead and send it to emondragon@sprucemountainranch.com.

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