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Bridal Beauty

Bridal Beauty

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Tips from Colorado’s Pros

So much goes into planning a wedding - selecting the perfect venue, finding the perfect dress, figuring out how to style your hair and makeup, the list goes on and on. Luckily, you have already selected the perfect venue, Spruce Mountain Ranch. Now let’s tackle the next thing on your list: figuring out your wedding day fashion.


Finding the perfect dress can be challenging, but fortunately, our friends at Anna Be bridal boutique provided us with some great insight on what services they provide, what’s trending in wedding fashion, and everything else you need to know to find the dress of your dreams.


We also had two of our favorite makeup and hair stylists give us all the details you need to know for your wedding day look. Jade from Jaded Beauty Co. and Magnifica Bella/Elite Beauty Co. provided us with great insight on what they are seeing for the 2018 wedding season.


We hope that these interviews help give you inspiration to create your perfect wedding day look. We highly suggest reaching out to Anna Be, Jaded Beauty, or Magnifica Bella/Elite Beauty Co to discuss your wedding fashion. To set up an appointment with any of the vendors mentioned in this blog, you can find their location and contact information below.


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Anna Be Bridal Boutique

Location: 1575 Boulder St., Denver, CO 80211

Phone Number: (720) 855-1111


What services do you offer brides at your bridal boutique?

We provide brides with an approachable, fun and stress-free wedding dress shopping experience. Our collection features fashion-forward gowns from some of the top designers in the industry.


What is the most popular dress style right now?

We love that our brides are so unique and bring their own sense of style to their wedding day look. Our brides aren't looking for a cookie-cutter wedding dress, so we never really have a "most popular" dress. Our collection is very diverse, and I truly believe we have something for every bride.


What’s the most popular veil style?

There has recently been a trend towards long, cathedral length veils, and I am loving that brides are completing their look with such a dramatic element! 


What are your typical price ranges?

Our collection ranges from $2,000 - $12,000, but the majority of our collection falls within the $3,000 - $6,000 range.


How far in advance do you suggest brides get their dresses?

Ideally we recommend brides purchasing their wedding dress 7-9 months before the wedding. Our dresses are made by hand and most take 4-6 months to produce, and then take another 2-3 months for alterations.  Some brides select their gown over a year before their big day so they can plan the rest of the wedding around the dress, but some come to us with a much shorter time frame. Many of our designers can accommodate rushes, but shopping early will always allow for more options, less stress and fewer expenses. 


What’s the number one tip you would give a bride on selecting their wedding dress?

When you find a dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, you know you've found the one! I've seen so many brides create additional stress and heartache by over-shopping. Don't deprive yourself of your bridal moment by holding back for the next best thing. If you feel beautiful, confident and authentic to who you are, that's when you know it's time to say yes!


Are there any dos and don’ts with wedding dresses?

Do wait to shop until your closest, most trusted friends and family members can join you for your appointment. Even if you are just trying to get an idea of what you like the first time shopping, you may just end up putting on a dress that totally surprises you and you end up falling in love. If your friends and family aren't with you, they'll miss that moment of genuine excitement that can be hard to recreate the next time around. On the other hand, don't bring too many people with you - too many cooks in the kitchen can drown out your voice and can make the decision even more confusing. 


Do set a budget before you come shopping.  Your stylist's goal is to find you the dress of your dreams at the perfect price-point. Brides often come shopping before they have a clear idea of what they are hoping to spend or don't pay attention to price because they are just trying to get an idea of style or fit. Once you have a clear idea of your budget, don't try on dresses outside of that range. You'll end up having to break your budget or break your heart when you fall in love with a dress that is over your ideal price point. Neither of those things should be part of such a special process.


Anything else you want to add?

It is such an honor to help a bride find the dress that she is going to wear on the most special day of her life. We love creating joy for our brides by sharing our love of great design and creative innovation in a super fun environment. We can't wait to meet all of our future brides and help you find a look that will perfectly match your breathtaking setting at Spruce Mountain Ranch!


Photo Credit: Magnifica Bella

Magnifica Bella/Elite Beauty Co.

(720) 376-1866



What services do you offer brides?

Magnifica Bella/Elite Beauty Co. offers makeup and hair services for all occasions, specializing in weddings. We are unique, in that we travel to the location of choice on the wedding day, which offers such a huge convenience for the bride.


What is the most popular bridal hairstyles/bridal makeup trends you are seeing now?

We are seeing a lot of natural hair trends. From romantic, laid back, beautiful floral crowns, and just absolutely gorgeous wedding hair!  Braids are still very popular, as is the beach wave, and free flowing curls.  Hair accessories are also very popular for 2018.

Makeup trends are great, but trends are not for every bride.  The most requested look is the natural look, as well as dewy, when trying to achieve a dewy look, use a pearly highlighter.  For the eyes, brown shadows and liners always provide a great natural look, but always be sure to use black mascara.  For lips, you want to bring out your natural color, a soft pink or coral is so pretty, but be sure to use a natural lip liner as well. Urban Decay, Color 1993 is a great one to use.

It is my belief that a bride should be the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day, looking very timeless, and her wedding photos should reflect that for years to come.  Makeup that is beautifully applied and accentuates and enhances all of the bride's best features will make a lasting impression.  Makeup needs to be able to last for hours, through all the tears, kisses, photos, eating, etc., a bride needs to look fabulous for the entire event.  With the perfect application and long lasting products, that is what can be achieved.            


What are your typical price ranges?

BRIDAL MAKEUP:  $150.00 ~ Includes consultation, trial makeup appointment, wedding day makeup, individual false lashes, and a touch up lipstick or gloss on wedding day.

BRIDESMAIDS & MOTHERS:  $65.00 ~ Includes wedding day makeup. 

FLOWER GIRLS:  Complimentary for ages 4-12 and includes sparkle eye shadow, blush, lip gloss and glitter.

TRAVEL FEE:  A travel fee may apply depending on location where bridal party is getting ready, and is calculated at the 2018 Colorado Mileage Rate of .54.5 cents per mile.

A $100 "Save the Date" fee is due at the time of booking, then a $150 fee is due at the trial appointments, those fees cover both the Makeup and Hair Artist, and are applied towards total balance due on wedding day.


Do you suggest that brides do a trial hair and makeup session?

I absolutely suggest that a trial makeup and hair session are done. It's very important that we are able to achieve the exact look the bride wants for her special wedding day.


What’s the number one tip you would give a bride on hair and makeup?

Be sure that your stylists are going to offer nothing but the best customer service!  Find your stylists in advance. It's very important to prepare your skin and hair months in before the wedding. If you find your hair and makeup professional early on, they can help achieve the best skin and hair for your special day.  Be sure to find a MUA that is highly trained in applying false lashes, and individual lashes are the best, as they look more natural, stay on well, and really enhance eyes for photos.


Are there any do's and don'ts for bridal hair and makeup?

Stay timeless and classy. Do not overdue your makeup.  Stay true to who you are. After all, you want people to recognize you on your wedding day.

As professionals, we absolutely love what we do!  Customer Service is our #1 priority!


Photo Credit: Taylor Jones Photography

Jade Beauty

Adorn Salon 277 Broadway Suite D. Denver, CO 80203



What services do you offer brides?

Jaded Beauty offers high end, on location hair and makeup for brides and their entire bridal party. We also provide hair extensions as an option for brides.


What is the most popular bridal hairstyles/bridal makeup trends you are seeing now?

This year, brides are wearing their hair mostly down with loose waves and half or minimal pieces pinned back. Most brides are accessorizing their hair with a hair clip or babies breath.

Women prefer to look like themselves and not be unrecognizable on their wedding day. Makeup trends remain on the natural side. We’re seeing a lot of long lashes, natural eyes, glossy lips and a pop of highlight along the top of the cheekbone.


What are your typical price ranges?

For brides and their bridal parties, I offer a 10% discount for hair and makeup combos. Just bridal hair is $195 and just bridal makeup is $195; the combo of the two is $350. Similarly, just hair for bridesmaids/extras is $110, just makeup is $110; the combo of the two is $200.


Do you suggest that brides do a trial hair and makeup session?

Yes, I actually insist that brides do a trial prior to the wedding. I recommend they book this service on the same day as a dress fitting so they can see the whole package come together! Also, a bridal trial is included in the pricing.


What’s the number one tip you would give a bride on hair and makeup?

I recommend keeping your hair and makeup styles similar to your everyday style. If you always wear a middle part and pull your hair back, I suggest keeping the part and trying for a pulled back updo. If you always wear a red lip, don’t hesitate to bring your favorite lip stick to your wedding day! Your wedding day beauty should be the absolute best version of yourself. You should feel gorgeous and comfortable.


Are there any do's and don'ts for bridal hair and makeup?

Don’t be afraid of adding volume to your hair. A little height can make a huge difference in photos. Do add false lashes! These never fail to make eyes pop and they also look great in photos. Leading up to the wedding, I suggest taking care of your skin, get a few facials and dermaplane. Dermaplane is a service provided by medical spas. The process includes “shaving” the skin with a surgical scalpel removing the top-most layer of skin along with “peach fuzz” hair. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself in preparation for a full day of long lasting makeup. Your skin will also feel incredible afterwards!


We hope this post gives you inspiration to create your perfect wedding day look. We know that you will look stunning on your wedding day no matter what trend you decide to follow.

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