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2021 Wedding Trends You Don't Have to Miss

Hey wedding couples! We know that your wedding planning journey has most likely not been very easy thus far, but even if you have had to postpone your wedding and/or are inviting fewer people, you don’t have to miss out on some of the fun 2021 wedding trends! These trends or elements are ones that you can add to your wedding easily even if you’ve had it planned for ages. One of these small additions might possibly be the one thing that you and your guests won’t ever forget!

Incorporating 2021 Wedding Color Trends

This year it’s more of using a WHOLE color palette and adding interesting textures, instead of limiting yourself to one or two colors. For example, let’s say you are planning to use violet. Why limit yourself to only violet? Throw in different shades of purple like eggplant, lavender, and maybe a mauve too! Don’t think matchy matchy when it comes to your colors, think layers of color throughout your wedding. You’ve had enough limits and stipulations put on your big day, but you don’t have to limit your colors! Even if you are doing neutrals, there are so many shades of neutrals you can do to add depth and variety to your incredible wedding look.

Inventive Libations

Want to know one sneaky and off the wall way to add some color pizazz to your wedding? Talk to Peak Beverage and have them create you a custom cocktail. Have you seen the incredible cocktails on their Instagram? If you haven’t, check some of them out! I bet your guests would definitely remember a tasty and color coordinating, not matching, but coordinating color of fun and flavor! We haven’t met a Peak created drink that we haven’t loved yet!

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Explore New Inventory

You know what we said about layering different shades of your wedding color, right? Well have you seen some of Event Rents new products that are available?!? If you’re doing neutrals, these gray or ivory matte dinnerware sets paired with some of their new velvet napkins and gold accented silverware… um, yes, please! These new products are a match made in wedding heaven in our personal opinions. Even if you only spice up your head table with special colors or custom dinnerware, that still adds more visual eye candy and another layer of interest to your overall wedding theme. Rent different shades of your wedding color in your napkins, table runners, florals, vases, etc. Have fun with it! Check out Event Rents new items here for some inspiration!!

Embrace Fun Rentals

Final thing, if you aren’t really interested in adding another layer of color, add in a trendy rental instead! By far, the best and coolest rental we have seen lately is a wedding beverage burro. Don’t know what that is? It’s an adorable donkey carrying coolers with drinks. Rocky Mountain Burro has fabulous burros and they even add wedding finery to their sweet furry friends. Amber is lovely to work with and would love to set you up with the perfect beverage burro for your big day! Just wait until you see some of these cuties on her website!

Photo Credit: From The Hip Photo

Thanks for letting us share some 2021 wedding trends with you!  Call up one of these amazing vendors to spice up your big day and make it even more memorable. Let’s chase all the bad vibes of last year away with some stellar, vibrant and eye-catching weddings!

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