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Spruce Mountain Ranch: “Top Wedding Trends of 2016”

The holidays have ended, the new year has come, and 2016 is in full swing. Amidst all the changes and resolutions comes the one thing that those in the wedding industry love most about the new year: new wedding trends. With this edition of our blog, we will recap some of last year’s wedding trends, as well as introduce 2016’s styles and elements. Without further ado, Spruce Mountain Ranch brings you the wedding trends of 2016!

A Quick Recap of 2015 Trends:

In 2015, we saw organic and industrial styles and lots of wooden decor, which both added to the ranch environment. We also saw personalization become more integrated into weddings, where couples included special things (i.e. family photos and heirlooms) to honor their family. Wedding gowns began to have longer sleeves in this past season. Wedding hashtags increased in popularity and became a way for couples to keep their media pictures accessible and organized. Finally, 2015 brought the era of bright pops of jewel tones, paired with gold and metallics to create a rich color palette.

2016 Trends:

Now that we have established some of the 2015 trends, it will be easier to compare the new additions to this year’s wedding decor. This blog will cover new trends in color palettes, wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, hair styles, wedding media, floral arrangements, music, invitations, and wedding food!


2015 colors may have been focused on having neutrals and metallics with a pop of bright color, but this year introduces the year of having more colors, and in more subtle tones. These colors, described as “pantone,” include the following:

  1. Copper will also be a popular feature in 2016 color palettes. While other metallics may have faded in popularity, this one still pairs perfectly with this year’s color trends.


Long sleeves, like last year, are still a popular trend. However, this year, these new sleeves are often very light and lacy. The gowns often have cut-out back, as well as beading on the skirt. This style pairs the elegance of classic lace and long sleeves with the sexiness of cut-out elements to create a perfect combination. Removable skirts will be a popular element in 2016 weddings gowns. They have a long, elegant skirt for the ceremony, which comes off for the reception to reveal a stunning, figure-flattering dress.


Grooms are beginning to break away from the stereotypical black tuxedo at their wedding. Some are choosing a retro-inspired look, with gray or brown attire. Others are becoming part of the wedding color palette with colored tuxedos and suits, adding to the creative, Indie feeling of any wedding.

Bridesmaids’ Gowns:

Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are ever-increasing in popularity. Brides often give their ladies a color palette to stick with, and then they have the option of choosing how colorful their dress is, in addition to what style is most flattering on them. What could be more perfect than making both the bride and her ladies happy? Another new trend in bridesmaid attire is the mixing and matching of skirts and tops, versus wearing a dress.

Hair: While some brides will still choose to have loose, curly hairstyles on their special day, others will opt for a simple, classic bun styled look. Whether they sit higher or lower on the head, this style will keep hair out of the way in an elegant style.


In 2015, we saw the rise of the wedding hashtag. Not only will this continue in 2016, but forms of “wedding media” will continue to grow. Couples may also use Snapchat or Periscope to document their day, speculates Wedding Wire. They also expect that “GIF booths,” a type of Photo Booth that creates short videos of guests, will be popular wedding entertainment. Drones will continue to be a popular way to capture all the details of this year’s weddings. Although videography will still be essential to indoor events, drones can capture the property, outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour, and dancing so that none of these special moments is forgotten.


Nothing says “bridal beauty” like the perfect floral arrangements. In 2016, WeddingWire speculates that large floral arrangements will gain popularity, and they won’t just be for centerpieces. This year, we expect to see flowers adorning walls and ceilings of a space, creating extra glamour to any room. To add a fun new twist to some of the organic floral looks of 2015, eucalyptus is rising in popularity in centerpieces and bouquets to add a unique, romantic look to any flowers. Finally, some brides are choosing to keep the presence of flowers to a minimum this year, in order to allow other elements of decor to stand out, as well as to keep a simple, minimalist look. The Bridal Guide suggests using elements such as leaves, succulents, and other plants to create a more organic look.


Last year, many couples had their magical first dance together to popular songs, such as “All of Me” by John Legend. Wedding Wire speculates that this year, however, couples will choose something more unusual and more personal to them. For a list of DJ’s picks on first dance songs, click the link: http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-ideas/music/first-dance-songs-2016


Wedding colors should stay consistent throughout all the elements of a couple’s wedding. Because of this, wedding invitations with both the couple’s wedding color, as well as the trendy copper elements, are all the rage in 2016.


Wedding desserts are always a sweet way to add a fun, personal touch to the reception. While mini bundt cakes, homemade treats, and truffles have been popular in the past, doughnuts are a rising star in the dessert realm. Two words..buttercream frosting. Yum! Last year, we saw the rise of “perfect pairings” during cocktail hour. By serving appetizers and cocktails with complementary flavors, the guests’ eating experience will be enhanced. Wedding Wire suggests combinations such as “tequila and tacos” or “hotdogs and beer.” To find the perfect pairing for your wedding, consult your caterer and liquor vendor.

*Spruce Mountain Ranch is honored to be a part of couples’ special days. We hope that this wedding trend blog was helpful and inspiring for your upcoming nuptials! For even more information about 2016 trends, take a look at these links*:

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