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Our “Favor”-ite Wedding Favors!

The question of what to give as wedding favors can be a difficult one to resolve— what will the members of the bridal party actually use and want that won’t be too expensive? What will guests want, and what will help them remember your special day? At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we recognize this dilemma and want to help answer the quandary of what to give as bridal party favors! We hope this blog helps you to brainstorm ideas for what to give both the bridal party and guests, and thanks to Amanda Lamb Photographer and Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographer, we have some lovely photos to help you in this decision-making process!

Bridal Party Favors-

The cake has been ordered, the centerpieces have finally come together, and your wedding dress fits like a glove. One item of business remains on your checklist, however, and it has you stumped. What do you get for your bridesmaids? These women are the friends who have been through everything with you: single life, meeting the perfect guy, falling in love, and planning a wedding. How do you thank them for being such a huge part of your life? This task may seem daunting, but take a moment to breathe. Your ladies weren’t supporting you through thick and thin because they expected a nice favor in return: they love and care about you, they value your friendship, and they want to be a part of the happiest day of your life. The bridal favor is merely a bonus. With that said, here are some tips on selecting a favor that is sure to please all:


Sometimes, personalization is all that it takes to take an ordinary favor and make it perfect. Robes, tote bags, mugs, necklaces and other sweet accessories can easily have monograms added for a fun twist.


Ultimately, what bridesmaid wouldn’t want something that shows the special relationship between a bride and her friends? Whether this token is reminiscent of a special activity that you did with your bridesmaids, or sentimental because of all the thought behind the gift, at the end of the day, it is important to give a gift that will be meaningful to all parties.


In some cases, a bridal party favor that is also practical can be a wonderful gift. For example, many brides want their ladies to stand up next to them wearing certain shoes or jewelry. By providing the bridal party with these items, the favor is also practical: the bridesmaids are relieved of having to purchase another item for the wedding, and they also receive something special to remember the wedding by. Also, consider giving a favor that will be something that bridesmaids can use after the big day is over, such as fun pajamas.

*Reversethe Role:

A final piece of advice to brides is to consider what they would like as a bridal party favor if they were a bridesmaid. Sometimes, simply putting yourself in the shoes of your friends can help you to choose the perfect bridal party favors!

**Amanda Lamb of Amanda Lamb Photographer has been gracious enough to share these photographs of favors given from a bride to her bridesmaids! She shares that “For her bridesmaids, Meghan gifted her girls a personalized bag with their first initial from JCrew, JCrew socks, customized robes for getting ready in, sunglasses, and monogrammed copper cups for her signature drink, a Moscow Mule. So fun! Billy and Meghan were married at the St. Julien in Boulder on March 14, 2015.” To see more of Amanda’s work, visit her website: http://www.amandalambphoto.com/

Guest Favors-

Just as it can be challenging to find the perfect favors to express gratitude and love towards the bridal party, it can be equally as difficult to decide upon the wedding favors. The people coming to the wedding are the people who have been monumental in your relationship thus far— they have helped to make this marriage and day a reality, and you want to thank them accordingly. However, while this may seem like a large task, keep in mind that the people coming are simply excited to be a part of this day! They have loved watching you fall in love, grow as a couple, and make the commitment to choose each other forever. Simply being there to see the beginning of your happily-ever-after is exciting for them! Favors do not need to be grandiose to let guests know how grateful you are that they could be there. These are a few things to consider when choosing favors that may help make the decision easier.


First, consider whether there is a theme to the wedding. If the special day is centered around a ranch experience, consider having the favor reflect the day. Having a unified feeling with all aspects of the wedding makes it seem that much more put together.

*Color Scheme:

If the wedding colors are pink and brown, consider choosing favors that fit within that color scheme, or at the very least, having favors that do not clash. If the “make-your-own” candy bar that was set up as a favor for guests is sprinkled with purple and blue candies, it may feel off. Thus, consider aligning favors with both color and theme.


When deciding what favor to select that will help guests commemorate your special day, it is crucial to consider what they will enjoy. Are they beer enthusiasts? If so, customized beer cozies with your initials may be a perfect selection! Is the crowd in love with all things sweet? Then, perhaps truffles or candies would be an excellent favor! By keeping in mind what the guests may enjoy, the task of selecting favors will become easier.


Don’t forget the whole reason the wedding is happening in the first place: the happy couple! Is there something that brought the two of you together? Is there a shared hobby or passion that you both enjoy? If both the bride and the groom love rock climbing, carabiners with the couple’s initials would be a personalized, special favor for guests! Think about what brought the two of you together and what you share, and that may spark ideas for what to give guests!

*Sarah Roshan of Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographer has been gracious enough to share these beautiful photographs of different wedding favors. To see more of her pictures, visit her website: http://www.sarahroshanphoto.com/

**Spruce Mountain Ranch loves working with our talented photographers to help capture the sweetest moments of your special day! We hope that this blog not only helped you to brainstorm ideas for bridal party and wedding favors, but we also hoped that you were inspired by the work of two of our favorite photographers!

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