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Guestiquette Blog

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we want everyone who visits our beautiful property to feel right at home. In order to make wedding guests feel at ease from the moment they enter the front gate, we have written a special “guestiquette” version of our blog, which includes advice on how to prepare for a fun event at the ranch.

Tips for guests attending an event at Spruce Mountain:

  1. Before arriving, make sure to print out directions early, plug in the address to the GPS, and pay attention to the chalkboard sign at the entrance of the property, which will be directing you to the appropriate venue/event (Upper Ranch-Ponderosa, or Lower Ranch-Albert’s Lodge).
  2. Aim to arrive on the property 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. This will allow for enough time to park, find a seat, and get settled before the bride’s grand entrance.
  3. Plan ahead.  There are no restrooms at the outdoor ceremony sites.
  4. Be prepared to walk to the ceremony site and to be outdoors for a portion of the event— plan to bring whatever you need to make an outdoor experience pleasurable (comfortable shoes to walk in, an umbrella in case of rain, sunglasses, some allergy medicine, a jacket, etc.)
  5. If you are a guest that is unable to walk to the ceremony, please arrange to be driven directly to the site by another guest, who must then return their car to the designated parking area.
  6. Wait to reserve your seat in the reception venue until you are instructed into the space. A lot of work goes into preparing the table settings, and most of the time, photographers need to photograph the finished room during cocktail hour. Reserving your seat by placing items on the table, shifting chairs, moving napkins, etc. makes it difficult to photograph and maintain the element of surprise and sense of "awe" when other guests make their way in as instructed.
  7. The ranch is a functioning cattle ranch with continuous, onsite cattle operations. In order for the cattlemen to keep running their part of the ranch, and in order for all guests to remain safe, please stay in the ceremony and reception areas, and do not wander into the cattle pastures or barns.
  8. If you have small children, they must be supervised at all times in order to ensure their safety. Also, please note that high chairs are not provided by Spruce Mountain.
  9. Note that there is limited cell service at Spruce Mountain, so plan to make important phone calls and text messages before arriving on the property. In case of emergency, there is an office phone that may be used.
  10. Please understand that guests may not possess or use marijuana on Spruce Mountain Ranch property. In the event that guests break this rule, the wedding may have to end early.
  11. Due to the high fire danger of this area, please smoke only in designated smoking areas, and extinguish cigarettes in the provided receptacles.  Throwing cigarette butts into the grassy areas will start a fire.
  12. Guests who plan on drinking alcoholic beverages should remember to bring their IDs. Guests will be carded.
  13. No vehicles may be left overnight at Spruce Mountain. The property is gated, and if a car is left overnight, a guest may not be able to get in the next morning to retrieve it.
  14. Remember to drink a lot of water! Spruce Mountain Ranch is located at approximately 7,500 feet above sea level, and guests may easily become dehydrated, especially when consuming alcohol. Staying hydrated goes a long way to make a guest’s experience more pleasant.
  15. Bring a smile! This event is full of excitement and joy- don’t forget to share in the happiness!

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