Spruce Mountian Ranch

Elopement Package

Spruce Mountain Ranch is pleased to announce that we have a new on-site wedding package! For the couples looking for a quiet, simple affair, our Elopement Package is a wonderful option! Thus, we present our latest venue:

1. What timeslot would a wedding using the Elopement Package be scheduled for?

- Elopement Packages have a two hour time block that is usually scheduled from 10:00am-12:00pm.

2. Is there a specific day to schedule on?

- Elopement packages can be scheduled for any day of the week!

3. Where on the ranch does the Elopement Package wedding take place?

- Both the ceremony and the reception take place at Lakeview Terrace, a beautiful pavilion by Angus Lake that is perfect for intimate weddings. During Winter months, the Colorado Room is available for an indoor ceremony and reception.

4. Do tables and chairs need to be rented?

- All of the tables and chairs for this space, both for the ceremony and the reception, are included in the cost of the package.

5. Will caterers and bartenders be present?

- Caterers and bartenders will not be present for Elopement Package weddings; however, a two-tier cake and a champagne toast will be provided in the package for the reception following the ceremony.

6. How many guests can this venue support?

- The Elopement Package can accommodate up to 40 guests. If this number is exceeded, there will be an additional, per-guest charge.

7. Are flowers included?

- This package includes flowers for both the bride and groom. Flowers to decorate the two-tier cake are also provided.

8. How much time in advance of the wedding is necessary to book the Elopement Package?

- Couples can book their wedding at any time!

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